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3 Step Bed Bug Solution

Our 3 Step Bed Bug Solution provides a simple yet effective bed bug treatment. Our 3 Step Solution Includes: preparation, treatment, and prevention. By using our 3 Step Bed Bug solution, you are getting the benefits of a comprehensive bed bug solution to getting rid of bed bugs and making sure they stay away. 

3 Step Bed Bug Solution:

The 3 Step Bed Bug Solution that we developed is an innovative treatment of bed bugs that combines preparation, bed bug extermination, and the prevention of a re-infestation. This method provides a fully comprehensive and flexible means of bed bug control that we custom-tailored to our clients needs by a professional bed bug exterminator from our team.

Step One: Preparation. Bed bug prep is an imperative first step before extermination. Without proper preparation, no amount of bed bug extermination sprays and products will ever be enough to get rid of bed bugs. Preparing for bed bug extermination eliminates clutter from from places where bed bugs are nesting. 

Our Exterminator Checking for Bed Bugs
We do deep cleaning and clutter removal
We steam clean and wash carpets
We steam furniture for bedbug treatment




Step Two: Extermination. Bed bug extermination treatment is applied after the house is fully prepared. We offer both natural bed bug extermination and chemical bed bug treatment with, depending on your needs. 

Step 3: Prevention. We provide a bed bug mattress encasement to prevent future infestations from infesting the mattress. After 2 weeks, we return to make sure there are absolutely no signs of bed bugs.

Inspection. While it is not necessarily a step in our 3 Step Bed Bug Solution on its own, bed bug inspection is very important for a successful treatment of bed bugs. We incorporate bed bug inspection in both our bed bug prep and our prevention services so that we can verify any traces of bed bug infestation and develop a plan for treatment. Our bed bug sniffing dog can accurately pinpoint the source of a bed bug infestation, identifying bed bugs that are not visible to the human eye.


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