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Bed Bug Extermination Method


How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs:

The 3 Step Method we use to get rid of bed bugs breaks bed bug treatment down into its 3 most basic components. By splitting bed bug treatment up into 3 stages, we make it easier to focus on exactly what needs to be done to get rid of bed bugs.


Preparation. First, prepare the property by removing all clutter, sending laundry to be treated, vacuuming, and steam cleaning. Don’t forget to dismantle the beds, and pull couches, bookcases, and other furniture away from the walls.


Treatment. This is when any products that are needed for bed bug extermination will be applied. Bed Bug Prep always uses eco-friendly bed bug extermination products and techniques, but we offer chemicals as well depending on your needs.

Follow-Up. The follow-up inspection is how a bed bug specialist will determine if there are any residual traces of bed bug infestation, and what should be done about them. There should be one immediately after treatment, and another in two weeks. If any additional treatment is necessary, this is when that will be advised.

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