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Bed Bug Extermination in NYC

We develop a custom bed bug extermination treatment plan based on your needs. Our view is that bed bug extermination is a 3-step process which includes: preparation, treatment, and prevention.  We offer natural extermination products or can use chemicals based on the level of infestation. With over two decades of experience doing bed bug extermination in NYC, you can depend on us to get rid of your bed bug infestation.

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Methods & Solutions:

Our bed bug treatment methods and solutions were developed to make getting rid of bed bugs foolproof. We have broken bed bug treatment down into 3 simple stages, to make developing a plan and focusing on bed bug extermination as simple as possible.


Step 1 Preparation: Bed bug preparation is the process of decluttering and cleaning the home so that products can be easily and safely applied. It is a highly detailed bed bug treatment method, that when done properly, can eliminate most of a bed bug infestation without the use of additional products. It is one of the most important methods to consider. For more information, visit our Bed Bug Prep page.


Step 2 Extermination: Extermination can only be carried out after the property has been prepared. This is when all bed bug extermination products are put to use. The entire property will be treated with bed bug extermination products inch by inch.

Step 3 Prevention: After extermination is complete, preventing another bed bug infestation should be top priority. By investing in methods & solutions such as carrying a travel-sized bed bug extermination spray, keeping clutter to a minimum, and using bedbug-proof mattress protectors, preventing a bed bug infestation perfectly completes the bed bug treatment process.

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We are available 24/7 for emergency bed bug treatment. Bed bugs don't wait, and neither should you. Call now to schedule the best bed bug treatment in NYC at your convenience. 

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