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What is Bed Bug Prep?


Bed Bug Prep is the first step in our 3 Step Bed Bug Solution, and is the stage before bed bug extermination. Preparing for bed bug extermination is vital, as it is often what decides whether the bed bugs will be successfully eradicated. A proper bed bug prep will not only make it easier to detect and contain a bed bug infestation, but will eliminate the majority of the infestation before extermination even begins.

Our Exterminator Does Visual Inspections
We steam and wash carpets
We clean and remove clutter
We dispose of the infested mattresses
We bag & wash laundry and washable items
We steam furniture for bedbug treatment

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How Do You Get Rid Of Bed Bugs?

How to Prepare for Bed Bug Treatment

To prepare for bed bug treatment, start by removing clutter from the bed bug infested areas. Empty closets and drawers, and pack up all washable items including linens, curtains, and towels, in preparation for bed bug laundry. Vacuum and steam clean the entire property from top to bottom, then dismantle the bed and pull furniture away from the walls. For detailed information about how to prepare for bed bug treatment, read our Bed Bug Prep Sheet

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