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Bed Bug Prep Sheet


Our Bug Prep Sheet includes everything needed to ensure a successful bed bug preparation. By completing every task on our bed bug prep sheet bellow, we are able to provide the most thorough and effective bed bug preparation services available.


Clutter Clearing

Clutter clearing is essential in bed bug prep, because it eliminates bed bug hiding places and makes product easier to apply. It is best to place clutter in clear plastic bags for treatment. When clutter clearing, we always make sure to do the following:

  1. Pack away all loose papers, knack knacks, and anything else blocking a table, counter, or other surface.

  2. Remove picture frames, posters, clocks, etc. from walls

  3. Empty closets, dressers, nightstands, and drawers.

  4. Clear bookshelves, TV Stands, and filing cabinets

  5. Pull furniture away from the walls, remove cushions from the couch

  6. Remove sheets and linens from bed. Disassemble bed frames, and stand mattresses and box springs up on their own.



A proper bed bug laundry & dry cleaning treatment should eliminate all traces of bed bug infestation from washable items. Just be sure everything is packed up properly and kept away from the infested area until treatment is complete.


  1. Launder clothing, drapes, linens, blankets, sheets, stuffed animals, towels, and any other items that are safe to put in a washing machine. Make sure to separate washable items from dry cleaning.

  2. Make sure to have two sets of bags. One set of bags to transport the laundry prior to being washed, and another set to transport and store it afterwards. Bags used to transport washable items prior to treatment should be discarded immediately, and never reused.  

Vacuuming and Steam Cleaning

Vacuuming and steam cleaning the property from top to bottom can often eliminate a large majority of bed bug infestation without the use of products or chemicals. HEPA industrial vacuums and industrial bed bug steamers are best suited for this, as the HEPA filters trap microscopic particles that the average household vacuum would release back into the air, and industrial steamers reach much hotter temperatures than a regular clothing steamer.

  1. Vacuum hardwood floors, carpets and area rugs.

  2. Vacuum all furniture and upholstery, including couches, armchairs, mattresses, and box springs.

  3. Vacuum closets, shelving units, bookcases, baseboards, bed frames, drawers, and night stands.

  4. Remove face plates and vacuum inside/behind electrical outlets.

  5. Vacuum between nooks and crannies in the walls and floor.

  6. Discard vacuum bags immediately after use.

  7. Steam clean all carpets, rugs, furniture upholstery, closets, shelving units, drawers, etc after the vacuuming is complete. Bed bug steam treatments are highly detailed and should be executed slowly and methodically to ensure the steam properly penetrates whatever is being treated.


Discarding Furniture 

Sometimes furniture is not able to be salvaged, because the infestation is too far gone. When this happens, it must be disposed of properly. While we recommend checking to ensure your disposal is in accordance with your particular state’s laws, here are some useful tips when discarding unsalvageable furniture:


  • Deface, or damage furniture items so that they are unusable

  • Slash mattresses, sofas, and upholstery

  • Break bookshelves and shelving units

  • Wrap all items in plastic before carrying onto the street

  • Consider spray painting or marking “bedbugs”

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Bed Bug Dog

Although a bed bug dog isn't necessarily a part of our bed bug prep sheet, having a bed bug inspection performed on your property with one of our bed bug sniffing dogs can help you locate microscopic traces of bed bug infestation. Using a bed bug sniffing dog to detect signs of bed bugs can help both you and our bed bug exterminators determine the best course of action during any stage of bed bug treatment. 

WBE Certified

We are a New York City and State WBE certified company, which means we are qualified to accept contracts for commercial bed bug extermination services. Working with a WBENC certified company helps businesses meet diversity requirements mandated by New York. Let us know how we can help you!

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) requires a good bed bug prep to determine the success of a bed bug extermination, which is why bed bug prep is the first step of our 3 Step Bed Bug Solution.

We are available 24/7 for emergency bed bug treatment. Bed bugs don't wait, and neither should you. Call now to schedule the best bed bug treatment in NYC at your convenience. 

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