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Bed Bug Sniffing Dog

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Bed Bug Sniffing Dog

A bed bug sniffing dog is the best way to ensure that your bed bug inspection is thorough and to identify the source of the infestation. Bed bug sniffing dogs can detect potential for bed bug infestations on the microscopic level, which is perfect for bed bug inspection in NYC where people often live close together and cannot afford to risk being overcome by a bed bug infestation. All of our bed bug dogs are NESDECA certified, offering the very best in bed bug inspection services.

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Highly Sensitive Bed Bug Detection:


Using a bed bug sniffing dog for bed bug inspection produces the best possible results for bed bug detection. Thanks to their highly sensitive noses, bed bug sniffing dogs can detect signs of bed bugs that the human eye alone cannot. The fine-tuned senses of our NESDECA certified bed bug dogs make for the most accurate bed bug inspection in NYC.

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NESDECA Certified:

Our bed bug dogs go through rigorous training before they become NESDECA certified, to ensure that they have the discipline necessary for secure and reliable bed bug inspection. We use bed bug sniffing dogs to help guide our exterminators in making the best personalized plan for our clients. If you need a bed bug inspection in NYC, talk to one of our experts about how a bed bug sniffing dog can help you.

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