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How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

If you're dealing with bed bugs, chances are you'll want to know how to get rid of bed bugs on your own. Even if you do decide to go with our professional exterminators, knowing how to get rid of the pests will help you decide which services are best for you. It will also help ease your anxiety about the infestation, as you will know the proper steps to take while you prepare for bed bug extermination and wait for the exterminator's arrival.

7 Step Process:

The Treatment of bed bugs is a 7 step process that involves methods for both bed bugs control and bed bug extermination. Simply spraying a bed bug extermination product is not enough for a proper bed bug treatment. The best way to ensure proper bed bugs control is to use a combination of preparat​ion techniques that will enhance the bed bug extermination process. 

Step 1: Bed Bug Inspection. Identifying the source of the infestation should be the first thing on any to-do list, because it will help you develop a plan for the treatment of bed bugs. Knowing how large the infestation is, and where the bed bugs are hiding is crucial to getting rid of bed bugs.

Step 2: Clutter Clearing. Before you can begin bed bug extermination, you need to ensure the bed bugs have nowhere to hide or escape. The best way to do that is by clutter clearing, and packing up all knick knacks, books, and decorations into clear plastic bags. 

Step 3: Empty Closets. Because bed bugs might be hiding in your clothes, it's best to empty closets, dressers, and drawers too. Luckily, washable items are fairly easy to treat, so you won't have to worry about bed bugs living in your things, or having to replace your entire wardrobe.

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Step 4: Bed Bugs Laundry. Doing a few loads of bed bugs laundry has multiple benefits. It provides a way to do bed bug treatment for your personal items, while keeping them away from the now quarantined bed bug infestation, while bed bug extermination takes place. 

Step 5: HEPA Vacuuming. With your personal items safely in bags, it is now time to get rid of bed bugs. The average household vacuum releases microscopic particles back into the air but HEPA vacuums do not, ensuring that the beg bugs remain trapped in the bag.

Step 6: Bed Bugs Steam Cleaning. For the treatment of bed bugs in furniture, carpet, and hard to reach areas, bed bugs steam cleaning is the way to go. Only an industrial bed bug steamer can reach temperatures high enough to be sure that you are using heat to kill bed bugs effectively.

Step 7: Bed Bug Treatment. Last but not least, get your favorite bed bug extermination spray ready for bed bug treatment! Thoroughly spray the infested areas, and follow up with another bed bug inspection to make sure the bed bugs are gone. Repeat as necessary. 

Bed Bug Preparation:

Bed Bug Preparation is crucial to a successful bed bug treatment, which is why it is 6 of the 7 steps of the bed bug extermination process. As experts at preparing for bed bug extermination, our bed bug prep services can accomodate any bed bug treatment. We work closely with a bed bug exterminator to provide the very best treatment of bed bugs possible. To learn more, check out our bed bug prep sheet


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