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Pest Control Companies 

Bed bug pest control companies in NYC who do not offer bed bug prep services can minimize the complications of waiting for a property to be prepared for bed bug extermination by teaming up with us. We work with bed bug exterminators in NYC to prepare the grounds before extermination so that together we can provide a full service. This not only saves time and helps the extermination process run smoothly, but gives you a competitive edge in the extermination industry.  

Management Companies

NYC building management companies are required by law to have a licensed exterminator perform regular maintenance to prevent pest and bed bug infestation. However, exterminators need the property to be fully prepared before treatment, if extermination is deemed necessary, and most do not provide this service on their own. We offer bed bug prep services in NYC to help take the pressure of of you, and get things done professionally.

We use a bed bug sniffing dog for our bed bug inspection services to help our bed bug exterminators locate potential traces of bed bug infestation. A bed bug dog has an incredibly fine sense of smell that enables it to sniff out signs of bed bugs not visible to the naked eye, such as bed bug eggs, bed bug nymphs, and bed bug casings. Our bed bug sniffing dog can help contain a pre-existing bed bug infestation, or stop a developing one before it becomes out of control.

Our company is WBE Certified by New York City and State. Being WBENC certified means we are qualified to accept commercial contracts for bed bug extermination services. Using our services shows NYC that you are committed to diversity in the work place. Contact us to get started!

WBE Certified

We are available 24/7 for bed bug treatment on your schedule. Our emergency bed bug services offer our clients convenience and peace of mind of being able to  get rid of bed bugs at a moment's notice. Call now.

Bed Bug Dog


Bed Bug Prep is a WBE Certified Woman Owned Business in New York City and New York State, as well as a certified WBENC enterprise. We have over two decades of experiences offering bed bug preparation services throughout NYC and the New York Tri-State Area. Our parent companies BedBug911 and Home Clean Home often teamed up to provide a full bed bug preparation and extermination service. Now, Bed Bug Prep has become its own company, offering a fully comprehensive commercial and residential bed bug prep service.


Our commercial bed bug prep services are perfectly tailored to the unique needs of managing a business or commercial business with the need to exterminate bed bugs. We work with pest control companies, exterminators, and management companies to ensure a completely well-rounded and efficient service. As a WBE certified company, we help companies fulfill their commitment to diversity through both prime and sub contracting. We are a trusted bed bug specialist in NYC.

A bed bug dog is an invaluable asset for bed bug inspection and bed bug extermination. By using a bed bug sniffing dog, our bed bug exterminators are able to pinpoint microscopic signs of bed bugs that might otherwise have gone unnoticed. The strong sense of smell of our bed bug sniffing dogs can detect traces of bed bug infestation much better than the naked eye.

Bed Bug Treatmement

There are several different means of bed bug treatment to NYC depending on the level of  bed bug infestation, and of course, the client’s needs. Our bed bug preparation treatment serves the dual purpose of preparing the home to have bed bug extermination products safely applied to it, while also getting rid of bed bugs from the home. Bed bug prep is a large factor in the success of any Integrated Pest Management (IPM) treatment, which is why it is the first priority in our 3 Step Bed Bug Solution. As a stand alone service, bed bug prep can eliminate a large majority of bed bug infestation without ever applying products or chemicals. For bed bug extermination treatment, we offer both eco-friendly and chemical products for bed bugs control. We also provide bed bug laundry and dry cleaning services, and bed bug steam treatments by a bed bug specialist to use heat from steam to kill bed bugs safely and effectively. Our comprehensive approach to bed bug treatment makes us the best bed bug exterminator in NYC.

Our bed bug exterminators developed Integrated Pest Management (IPM) solutions for our clients, and preparation tis the most crucial step. IPM includes Bed Bug Prep and bed bug inspection, which are vital for the success of a bed bug extermination. Bed Bug Prep and bed bug inspection are both top priorities in our 3 Step Bed Bug Solution.

For commercial properties, a bed bug inspection dog service can help you determine the sources of the infestation. A bed bug dog is able to guide you to the areas that need the most focus in preparation for bed bug extermination. Bed bugs control is all about coming up with a plan, and every bed bug specialist in NYC knows that bed bug dogs are a valuable resource for developing solutions for bed bug treatment.

Bed Bug Specialist:

As a bed bug specialist, we offer much more than basic NYC exterminator services. We provide our clients with a bed bug exterminator that can create customized solutions for any situation on the spot.  Our bed bug treatment includes:

  • Accurate Bed Bug Inspection with the help of a bed bug sniffing dog 

  • Bed Bug Prep Services that get rid of bed bugs in the process

  • Bed Bugs Laundry for bed bug treatment on clothing and linens

  • Bed Bug Extermination from the pros to help you sleep soundly at night

Bed Bug Preparation Process


The bed bug preparation process we use allows exterminators to perform better, while eliminating a large majority of the bed bug infestation without the use of product. Bed bug prep is a big factor in determining the success of a bed bug extermination. We include Bed Bug Prep Services in our 3 Step Bed Bug Solution, as a part of our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) treatment. Most exterminators will not treat a property until it is fully prepared for extermination, and our bed bug treatment preparation services are a foolproof way to get it done.

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