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How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs:

There are three steps to get rid of bed bugs properly. First, preparation, second, extermination, and third, follow-up. Each step serves its own unique purpose to ensure getting rid of bed bugs is successful, with minimal errors or need to perform bed bug extermination more than once.

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Step 1 Preparation: This is where the property is inspected, de-cluttered, and cleaned. The preparation process readies the property for extermination, while eliminating excess traces of extermination which could otherwise complicate the extermination product. Learn more about Bed Bug Prep.

Preparation For Bed Bug Extermination

Our Exterminator Checking for Bed Bugs
We do deep cleaning and clutter removal
We steam clean and wash carpets
We steam & apply bedbug treatment

Step 2 Extermination: In this phase, the property will be treated with bed bug extermination products inch by inch, until every nook and cranny of the space is bed-bug free. Anything that cannot be salvaged, such as bed-bug ridden furniture, will be discarded. Learn more about Bed Bug Extermination.

Products Our Exterminators Use:

1 Gallon Refill 
Bed Bug Laundry

Step 3 Follow-Up: After extermination, the property will be thoroughly inspected to make sure that if there are any left over traces of bed bug infestation, they will be dealt with. Another follow-up will be performed in two weeks to ensure everything has gone smoothly. Learn more about our 3-step Process.




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