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Preparing for Bed Bug Extermination

Our bed bug prep services are designed to help you get the most out of a bed bug extermination treatment. We work with exterminators, contractors, and building managers to provide the best preparation for bed bug extermination possible. We serve both residential and commercial properties with such services as clutter clearing, bed bug laundry and dry cleaning, and bed bug inspection.

Our Exterminator Checking for Bed Bugs
We deep clean and remove clutter
We bag & wash laundry and washable items
We bag & wash laundry and washable items
We steam and wash carpets
We dispose infested mattresses
We steam furniture for bedbug treatment
We steam furniture for bedbug treatment

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Step 1: Clutter Clearing. First we will remove all clutter and place it in clear plastic bags to reduce the amount of hiding places that bed bugs can use to escape extermination. This includes emptying closets, dressers and drawers, and removing clocks, picture frames, and posters from the wall.


Step 2: Laundry We’ll also pack up all washable items, like clothing, drapes, and linens, and send them to our bed bug laundry and dry cleaning facilities for treatment.


Step 3: Furniture. Dismantling the bed and pulling the furniture away from the wall makes it easier to check for bed bugs and perform a bed bug treatment preparation and extermination.

Step 4: HEPA Vacuum. Using our HEPA Vacuum, we will vacuum every nook and cranny of the property inch by inch. The filters in HEPA vacuums are designed to trap microscopic particles, like bed bug eggs or bed bug nymphs, that the average household vacuum would simply release back into the air.


Step 5: Bed Bug Steamer. Once everything has been vacuumed, we’ll clean the entire property again, including carpets, furniture, and upholstery, with our bed bug steamer. Our industrial bed bug steamer reaches temperatures so high that it can eradicate most bed bugs on contact. The bed bug steam cleaning services we offer for bed bug treatment preparation are the best way to get rid of bed bugs without using harsh chemicals.

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Bed Bug Dog

Using a bed bug dog for our bed bug inspection services ensures that we are providing our clients with the most accurate bed bug detection services possible. Our bed bug sniffing dogs help our bed bug exterminators pinpoint traces of bed bug infestations that might be missed by the human eye with their heightened sense of smell. 

WBE Certified

As a New York City and State WBE certified company, we can assure our commercial clients that we have what it takes to accept contracts for commercial bed bug treatment and IMP services. By working with a WBENC certified exterminator such as us, you can show NYC your commitment to diversity in the workplace. 

We offer 24/7 emergency bed bug extermination service. Schedule a bed bug treatment at your convenience!

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