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Bed Bug Prep is a WBE Certified Woman Owned Business in New York City and New York State and WBENC enterprise. We have over two decades of experiences offering bed bug preparation services throughout NYC and the New York Tri-State Area. 

Bed Bug Prep:

Bed bug prep is the process of preparing for bed bug extermination through de-cluttering, cleaning, and bed bug laundry and dry cleaning. It is the first step in our 3 Step Bed Bug Solution, and a major player in Integrated Pest Management (IPM). After the property has been made clutter-free, it should be steam cleaned inch by inch with an industrial bed bug steamer. Bed bug steam treatment is an essential part of bed bug prep, as bed bug steamers reach hot enough temperatures to eradicate bed bugs on contact, without the use of chemicals. For more information about bed bug prep, read our bed bug prep sheet.


Bed Bug Inspection

Bed bug inspection during the preparation stage helps to quickly detect traces of bed bugs for containment. We use a bed bug dog to identify and locate traces of infestation that may not always be visible to the naked eye. Our canine bed bug inspection service helps our bed bug experts quickly narrow down places that bed bugs may be hiding, and are always followed up by a visual check for further confirmation.


Bed Bug Dog
Our bed bug sniffing dog has a highly sensitive nose that can direct our bed bug inspectors to potentially infested areas. By identifying the sources of an infestation with a bed bug dog, we are able to develop a plan of action and identify exactly where to begin, and which areas need the most attention during a bed bug treatment. For more information about bed bug inspection, view our bed bug inspection page.

Bed Bug Treatment:

Although preparation for bed bug extermination is our specialty, Bed Bug Prep offers a full range of bed bug treatments to suit any need. We offer 100% natural bed bug treatment, using eco-friendly products and techniques such as bed bug steam treatment. Our industrial bed bug steamer requires only water, and reaches temperatures much hotter than what any household steamer is able to achieve, enabling us to deliver localized heat treatment that eradicates bed bugs on contact. If the property is badly infested, we offer chemical products for bed bug extermination based on the individual needs of our clients. For more information about bed bug treatment, visit our Bed Bug Extermination page.

Commercial Bed bug Prep


Management Companies

Management companies are legally required to work with a licensed exterminator on a regular basis. This ensures proper bed bug treatment with the intention of preventing an out of control bed bug infestation. We are one of the only exterminators that offer bed bug preparation services. We work together with exterminators to ensure the bed bug prep and bed bug treatment are done in a time efficient, professional manner.

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Methods and Solutions

Our 3 Step bed bug solution makes bed bug treatment foolproof. By breaking bed bug treatment down into 3 steps, we are able to create a comprehensive solution for every level of bed bug infestation.


During preparation, all clutter will be removed from the property, and all washable items will be sent to our bed bug laundry and dry cleaning facilities. We will also treat every inch of the property with our industrial strength bed bug steamer, to eradicate as many traces of bed bug infestation as possible before extermination begins.


Bed bug treatment includes a variety of eco-friendly products and techniques to eliminate the remaining bed bug infestation after preparation. If need be, we also offer chemical options for badly infested area.


This step is all about taking the steps to prevent another bed bug infestation in the future. Performing a bed bug inspection, and arming yourself with the proper products such as extermination sprays and mattress protectors will help nip potential bed bug infestation in the bud should traces of bed bugs rear their ugly head again.

Our parent companies BedBug911 and Home Clean Home often teamed up to provide a full bed bug preparation and extermination service. Now, Bed Bug Prep has become its own company, offering a fully comprehensive commercial and residential bed bug prep service.

Our commercial bed bug prep services are perfectly tailored to the unique needs of managing a business or commercial business with the need to exterminate bed bugs. We work with pest control companies, exterminators, and management companies to ensure a completely well-rounded and efficient service. As a WBE certified company, we help companies fulfill their commitment to diversity through both prime and sub contracting.

All of our bed bug treatment services are available on a 24/7 basis. Contact us for emergency services.

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